Audit logging dashboard in WISH

Audit logging dashboard in FMIS WISH, every under control!

Audit logging is the current high-speed information technology of indispensable value. FMIS WISH is a modern and comprehensive facility and real estate system, offering a lot of extras including a dashboard for audit logging for your information policy. Our principle: we can perform better for you with better information. The special, online dashboard for audit logging offers graphic and detailed insights into changes that users make to FMIS WISH. With multiple licenses and users (sometimes including third parties like suppliers), this is extremely valuable in light of information security and quality of your operation processes. 

fmis wish with audit logging dashboard from qlik sense

Interactive and fast audit logbook

The logging dashboard is fully integrated in FMIS WISH and very user-friendly thanks to transparent, visual displays and practical overviews of the log details. With this online logbook for data registration, you will have a modern solution with all the data you need to further optimize WISH and correct or trace incorrect use. You can simply select what you need. The dashboard is dynamic and will quickly adjust to your selection. For example, you can select data charts, WISH users or modification type. 

In control of quality and information policy

Organisations depend on registered data. That’s why it’s necessary to stay in control of modifications to the data. The WISH loggings make it possible to trace the passage of data in certain processes. For example, to expose the root of a problem, to evaluate or because audits demand it. 

Loggings have a supporting function for: 

  • Argumentation 
  • Reducing risks 
  • Authorisation and access monitoring 
  • Tracing incorrect use 
  • Learning from disruptive occurrences 
  • Conformity with applicable rules and regulations 

Standards like ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and HKZ

A logging dashboard also complies with the conditions of quality and information standards, such as the ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and the HKZ (Harmonisatie Kwaliteitsbeoordeling in de Zorgsector, Harmonisation Quality Assessment in Healthcare). These standards stipulate that modifications to important data must be able to be traced back to the person who made these modifications. The dashboard offers this information in an organized and fast way. 


The automatised loggings are put together with Qlik Sense, the Business Intelligence software that pulls all the valuable data directly from WISH. This is done in a safe and accessible way through this portal. 

Would you like to experience for yourself just how fast and simple this audit logbook works? Feel free to contact us for a non-binding demonstration or consultation.