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Our FMIS WISH has a modular structure. With the 15 WISH modules, you can decide which property and facility processes you want to optimise first. A big advantage of WISH is that the software will then automatically make a connection with your other processes and data. Very efficient. This makes collaboration between different departments very simple as well. Furthermore, the WISH modules can seamlessly be used together with and linked to your other information systems. 


WISH is a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that our software is made available to the user via the internet. In order to use FMIS WISH, you will pay subscription costs. The subscription costs are calculated per user. There is no limit to the number of modules, data or interactions per user. You will always automatically have the latest version of the software, with all the most recent developments. We will take care of maintenance, hosting and the back-ups of your data. And last but not least: a very powerful security! We are happy to offer you complete peace of mind! 




WISH module

Real Estate Registration

Real estate comes with innumerable data. From data on building characteristics to data on maintenance contracts, users and rental procedures.

The WISH module for Real Estate Registration records all this data in a central database. This database offers you a complete overview of your real estate portfolio.

WISH module

Real Estate scenario

Goodbye spreadsheets, welcome WISH Real Estate Scenario! Would you like to know the yield of a building or real estate portfolio, now or in the future?

With the software module Real Estate Calculation from WISH, you can calculate your yield in no time. A very powerful calculation feature makes spreadsheets completely unnecessary.

WISH module

Rental management

WISH Rental management software ensures efficient rental administration, cost savings and satisfied tenants.

The WISH module Rental Management contains all the data you need to stay in control of your rental contract, for insight into the structure of rent prices and for reliable invoicing.

WISH module

Long term maintenance plan

You want LTMP software that will give you full control of plan-based maintenance, sustainability and CO2 reduction? Your real estate is worth it.

This LTMP module plans, updates, indexes and budgets your maintenance projects and energy-saving measures. Quick, efficient and transparent.

WISH module

Notification management

Increase control over your notification flow, service and relieve your back office through an online workflow.

The self-service portal and WISH app improve communication between all parties involved. Result: even more insight, speed and convenience.

WISH module

Resource management

With the WISH module Resource Management, you will always know where your company resources and installations are, and what their condition is, in quantity and quality.

The software automatically registers, classifies and safeguards (legal) check-ups, inspections and maintenance. This way, you will maintain a process-based control over your resources.

WISH module

Space management

Would you like to use spaces, workplaces and facilities in a flexible way? Then you need a flexible reservation system. The WISH module Space Management offers you all the information you need about availability, capacity and occupancy.

Making reservations has never been this easy, thanks to the online self-service portal and the WISH app.

WISH module

Project administration

The WISH module Project Administration automatises and manages all standard procedures in your real estate maintenance projects, construction, and renovation.

It allows you to stay in control of your costs and the planning. Thanks to the online dashboard, you can closely follow the progress of every project.

WISH module

Contract management

The WISH module for contract management gives you a clear overview of all the digital paper work that comes with contracts.

The software offers you easy insight into the running contracts and automatically links contract agreements to your daily work process.

WISH module

Offer management

Requesting quotes for cleaning activities or long-term maintenance is a strategic element in company operations.

With the WISH module Offer Management you can automatise the full process, from wish to demand to request, the status and the quote evaluation. Your advantage? Simplified actions and time saved.

WISH module

Safety management

Making sure that your buildings are secure, is not something you can do in one afternoon. It’s an ongoing process with a lot of requirements. The WISH software module Security helps you comply with (legal) safety requirements online,

and indicates where you have to take measures, including setting deadlines and assigning responsibilities and budgets.

WISH module


With the WISH software for energy management, you can actively work on making your property more sustainable and reducing your energy consumption. This is good for you and for the environment.

The module records consumption, links energy data to your administration and shows you if your steps are paying off.

WISH module

Legionella prevention

With WISH Legionella Prevention, you can reduce the risk of legionella contamination. The WISH module offers you practical support in complying with the standards of check-ups and inspections.

For example, you can perform readings with your tablet or smartphone. That way, you will know if your facilities are safe right away.

WISH module


You are your supplier’s client. But do you come first? Subjective assumptions have nothing to do with your decisions.

With the WISH module Delivery Evaluation, you can objectively measure delivery performance. An additional advantage: you will stimulate your suppliers to perform (even) better.

WISH module

Access management

The WISH module Access Management lets you control who can access your buildings, departments and areas. WISH offers you insight into who has access to which area and when.

WISH Access Management also offers you a complete lockdown plan for each building, and it will keep track of your key supply.


Discover how you can use FMIS WISH for streamlined facility and real estate management. For every process, we have a smart solution for implementation and management.


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