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Facility Kwadraat helps you streamline your facility management, real estate management and plan-based maintenance. We do this with software, advice and long-term maintenance plans. Our objective is to give you access to better information. More efficiency, more convenience and more comfort for you, the residents or the users of a building.

WISH’ is our advanced, intuitive software, which you easily adjust to your wishes. WISH belongs to a FMIS. FMIS stands for Facility Management Information System. We supply a complete real estate information system with practical mobile solutions and transparent interactive dashboards. So that you will have optimal control of your real estate management and the related facility processes.


Facility Kwadraat: pionier in the cloud

Facility Kwadraat was founded on 1 February 2002 by Pim Kerkhof and Dick Vink. Both have done work related to the automatization of facility management and real estate management since the 80’s. Facility Kwadraat became a pioneer of FMIS-software in the cloud. And nowadays we are proud to be part of the Swedish LYVIA-group. Lyvia is founded with the vision to create a universe where a customer can find the best providers of any digital solution, for their entire digital ecosystem.

At the moment, over 25,000 users in various sectors are using the solutions of WISH. WISH is currently taking care of the real estate management of about 50,000 buildings, with 2,000,000 registered notification tickets.

We think outside the box

We develop innovative software solutions, but we believe that the human factor – working with both head and heart – is at least just as important. We don’t think in standards but in solutions. Even if that means we have to develop these solutions for you. That’s why Facility Kwadraat always offers a fixed contact person, personal talks, consultancy and guidance. We offer these services with our team of passionate employees. Our advisors, all experienced professionals with knowledge of your sector, keep the lines of communication short and are there for you every day. This is the way we have been doing things for years. The results: warm relationships with loyal clients.



Management Facility Kwadraat

Pim Kerkhof, director Facility Kwadraat

Pim Kerkhof, technical director, has a background in construction. During the first years of his career, aside from maintenance management he was also very interested in facility processes. Driven by progress and entrepreneurship, he studied the programming of digital information systems and started his first company at the start of the 90’s. For more than 30 years working in the real estate and facility business, Pim has used his experience to create a complete FMIS WISH that runs on the latest techniques in the Cloud. Together with his passionate employees, he continuously strives for innovation and a successful implementation. 

Dick Vink, Director Facility Kwadraat

After Dick Vink, commercial director, completed his technical education, he started his career at a renowned healthcare institution in Rotterdam. He worked on budgeting construction and maintenance projects and applied for financial support from the government. He crossed paths with his business partner Pim in 1991 over the system Prof, the predecessor of WISH. Aside from their passion for innovation, they also share a sense of humour (to this day!). Dick maintains intensive contact with the market. A man with a big heart for real estate, always ready to listen to make the service even better for the sector or individual wishes.  

Why Facility Kwadraat?

  • The FMIS and softwarespecialist in real estate management and facility management
  • Developed on the latest platform with mobile app solutions
  • Time-saving API and integrations with other systems
  • Internal NEN 2767 maintenance experts
  • Personal implementation support and trainings
  • Short lines of communication and a fixed professional contact person
  • Online and telephone support
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To us, implementing your ambitions into our software and services is a matter of course.



Pim Kerkhof and Dick Vink, founders of Facility Kwadraat

Pim Kerkhof en Dick Vink



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We have been passionately assisting organisations with fine-tuning facility and property management for 25 years. 

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