Privacystatement Facility Kwadraat

Privacy statement Facility Kwadraat

This privacy statement applies to all (business) activities of Facility Kwadraat Holding B.V. with KvK number 17141668, Facility Kwadraat Software B.V. with KvK number 17146499 and Facility Kwadraat Consultancy B.V. with KvK number 17146497, all of which have their registered offices in ‘s Hertogenbosch and are referred to hereinafter as Facility Kwadraat.

Facility Kwadraat respects everyone’s privacy. We recognise the need for proper control over personal data and always treat these data confidentially. We do this, among other things, by strictly adhering to the legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data. This privacy statement forms the starting point for the processing of all personal data obtained on the basis of the use of this website and the contact established through the website or by e-mail.

Nature and purposes of processing
When contacting Facility Kwadraat through the website, we ask for personal data to be provided. When messages are sent to us via e-mail, we may store those messages and associated personal data. The purpose of processing these data is to enable communication about and the sale and delivery of our services. The data is stored on a secure third-party server.
We do not collect or use information for purposes other than those described in this privacy statement unless we have obtained your prior consent.
The information is not shared with third parties. In some cases, the information may be shared internally. Our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. Facility Kwadraat does not store personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed.

Use of cookies
Facility Kwadraat uses functional cookies on its website; these are intended to make the website function better. In addition, analytical cookies are used, which register website visits and search terms. Facility Kwadraat may start using tracking cookies, which data will then actually be processed will be announced here.

Security of your data
Facility Kwadraat considers adequate data security to be an important responsibility. We therefore take physical, technical, electronic, organisational and contractual measures to protect data against accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, unauthorised disclosure or access, regardless of whether this processing takes place in the Netherlands or elsewhere. In addition, we require the parties we engage, such as the hosting provider, to also provide adequate security.

Rights of data subjects
Under the General Data Protection Regulation, every data subject has the right to inspect, correct, delete, limit and transfer the data being processed(by filling in a form). If a data subject wishes to exercise these rights, or has any questions about how Facility Kwadraat processes data, please contact us at

This Privacy Statement is geared to the use of and the possibilities offered by this site. Any adjustments and/or changes to this site may lead to changes in this Privacy Statement. It is therefore advisable to consult this Privacy Statement regularly.